A Brief Guide To Perth, Scotland

A Brief Guide To Perth, Scotland

A Brief Guide To Perth, Scotland

Often referred to as ‘the Fair City’, Perth is one of Scotland’s greatest treasures. This picturesque city has a population of around 44000 and sits alongside the banks of the River Tay. It is not only beautiful but also full of exciting attractions.

Although it may not be Scotland’s largest city, Perth and the surrounding area of Perthshire has so much to offer. Whether it is the local palace, golf course, the various museums, galleries or parks, this city has something for everyone.

Perth has been an inhabited area since prehistoric times, when early humans lived on the lush riverbanks and Mesolithic hunter-gatherers called it home . The surrounding area has sites of ancient importance, with stone circles and traces of the some of Scotland's earliest people around Perthshire. Ever since these early days, the city of Perth has had a long and fascinating history which can be seen and explored by visitors.

Perth is also an incredibly green and gorgeous city! The surrounding country consists of rolling grassy hills, rivers, farms, and abundant greenery. The city itself is made up of breathtaking architecture, parks and postcard perfect riverside scenes. This is a city that not only offers experiences, but can be enjoyed by simply being admired.

So whether you are after history, natural beauty, interesting cultural experiences, adventure, or if you just want to soak in an iconic and unique Scottish city, Perth really has it all for you.

Perth is attracting more and more visitors every day, and there is good reason why people are so eager to experience this fair Scottish gem!

What to See and Do

Scone Palace

This 5 star tourist attraction is sure to impress anyone that gets the opportunity to marvel at its ancient charms. Scone Palace was built as a Christian church, and later on in the 12th century it became an abbots palace. Since then, it has made its mark as being one of Scotland's most significant buildings by being the crowning place for the kings of Scots.

The majestic palace that sits above the River Tay is a crucial attraction for anyone wanting to learn more about Scotland's royal past. Scone Palace was also the home of the legendary Stone of Destiny - an important stone used in the coronation of the Kings of Scots.

Besides the interesting history that the palace and all its displays and objects has to offer, Scone Palace boasts some of the country’s most lovely gardens as well! Be sure to take enough time to immerse yourself in the well kept palace grounds after your tour around the historic building.

Tours of Scone Palace are available throughout the week, and as one of Scotland's greatest tourist attractions, they come highly recommended. A very interesting and enjoyable way to spend an afternoon in and around Perthshire!

Kinnoul Hill

Kinnoul Hill Woodland Park - Scotland's original official woodland park, lies just outside the city of Perth. This park is made up of 5 main hills, with Kinnoul hill being the highest and most impressive peak. A walk to the top of this hill is a fantastic way to experience the stunning surrounds of Perth.

There are different routes to get to the top of this hill, ranging from easy slow paced walks to more rigorous hikes. Once at the summit of Kinnoul Hill, you are faced with a rewarding view of the Scottish countryside and River Tay.

Near the top of Kinnoul Hill there is a fairytale like structure - Kinnoul Tower. This tower, modelled after castles on the Rhine in Germany, makes you feel in another world when viewed from the top of this country hill. An experience that photographs can’t do justice to.

For anyone who wants to get out and about, and explore the natural beauty that Scotland has to offer, a slow walk up Kinnoul Hill would be just the right move. Be careful when walking though, as the hill has some steep cliffs!

Balhousie Castle and the Black Watch Museum

Balhousie Castle, a historic building which dates back to the 12th Century, is not only an attraction by itself, but also houses the Black Watch Museum.

The Black Watch, also known as the Royal Highland regiment, was an infantry battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland, founded in 1881. A visit to Balhousie Castle will open your eyes to one of Scotland's great royal properties as well as teach you everything about the Royal Highland Regiment.

The Black Watch Museum has won multiple awards as a tourist attraction, and it has a great deal to offer. The museum has many fascinating features of original artefacts, interactive displays and more. Attached to the museum is a relaxing cafe which boasts a seasonal menu full of delights.

Once you have learned all about the historic Black Watch regiment, take the time to appreciate the architecture and grandeur of Balhousie Castle and its grounds. Organised tours are available which provide a lot of useful information along the way. A very interesting stop indeed for anyone in Perth.

Experience the River Tay

When in Perth, you cannot escape the winding River Tay which the city is built along. Tay is the longest river in Scotland, and is world renowned for its Atlantic salmon fishing.

If you are not able to fish, simply take an easy walk along Tay’s riverbanks and appreciate the gentle beauty of this magnificent river. If it was not for this river, Perth would not be what it is today!

Perth Museum and Art Gallery

What’s a holiday without some cultural enrichment? Whilst exploring Perth, make sure to stop by the Perth Museum and Art Gallery to learn all about why it is that culture is at the heart of Perth.

Located in the Marshall Monument, constructed in 1822 and formally home to an extensive library, Perth Museum and Art Gallery is now the site of one of the oldest museum collections in the UK. Famous to its collection is Ta-kr-hb’s mummy and the the South Corston fragment of the Strathmore meteorite.  

If you are visiting with family, make sure your kids look out for the realistic blacksmith props and magnifying cameras that are available to examine provided samples!

Enjoy the collection of photographs to portraits and all of the unique array of objects Perth Museum and Art Gallery has to offer!  

George Street

If retail therapy is more of your idea of a holiday, you have to make a stop at George Street. This street is full of bustling people, delicious restaurants and sprinkled with independent stores. Quite frankly, it is a must see!

The quirky and diverse street offers nothing but top notch quality which only amplifies why Perth is such a great, small city to visit! Look out for the finest gins from Bonnie Scotland, let your taste buds explore the delectables from Provender Brown’s deli - think a cheese selection fit for kings, and only the country’s finest chocolates! Most importantly, take some time to visit Perth Farmers’ Market for locally sourced produce - a true treat for any tourist!

Combining all of your favourite things into one, George Street offers up a truly unique experience that cannot be missed!I

Huntingtontower Castle

Going back to the 15th century, Huntingtower Castle took shape and was formerly known as Ruthven Castle. Once reserved for nobles, the castle is now open to all who wish to take in its historic architecture.

It is rumoured that a former habitant, Lady Greensleeves, haunts this magnificent castle! Legend has it that the noble fell in love with a servant and like most grand romances, ended in an elopement. However, despite the happy ending, her ghost still roams the halls.

Take part in one of the castles oldest traditions by leaving a coin or charm by the water. The legend has been told that the water from the castle’s well is meant to have the power to heal and that those who go to fetch this water must do in silence and leave a small token of gratitude.

Full of historic and cultural stories, Huntingtontower Castle will enrich your holiday beyond expectations!

Where to Eat and Drink

63 Tay Street

Renowned for winning Chef of the Year Award 2013, 63 Tay Street is only getting better and better! If you fancy yourself a foodie, make a stop at this delicious restaurant.

63 Tay Street combines a stylish venue with creative dishes that one can only dream of! It is no wonder that this restaurant has quickly become one of Scotland’s bests.

Overlooking the River Tay and Kinnoull Hill,  treat yourself to some fine dining and taste their parmesan souffle or their decadent chocolate brownie. Whatever you decide, your dining experience will be nothing short of amazing!

Dewar’s Aberfeldy Distillery

When visiting Scotland, it is only apt that you taste some of the best whisky available. What’s on top of that tasting list? Dewar’s Aberfeldy whisky, of course!

Take your pick from their 12 year, 18 year, and 21 year selections, and enjoy the smooth, toasted, single malt whisky that no other distillery can provide.

For the non-whisky drinkers, take a tour of the 100 year young disterellery or try out their whisky flavoured fudge. Both are worth raving home about!

Greyfriars Bar

If you’re looking for an authentic, lively Scottish pub experience then look no further than Greyfriars Bar!

Combining all of the things that you know and love about the Scottish, enjoy a night out of live music and some good old fashioned fun!

Feel welcomed by its friendly atmosphere, hearty food and great selection of ale beers. A local favourite and soon to be yours too.

Where to Stay

Mercure Perth Hotel

Feel at home at this truly unique hotel nestled in between the beautiful streets of Perth. Built in the 15th century as a watermill, you can still hear the trickles of water through the original water wheel from secluded areas of the hotel!

Whilst staying at Mercure Perth Hotel, take some time to explore its beautiful gardens that are complemented by the medieval architecture surrounding the building.

One of the best things about this hotel is that it is at the scene of a rich historical area including the Scone Palace. Perfect for exploring!

Take a load of by lounging in your classically decorated room after a long day of exploring. Relax and recharge for a new day discoveries by dining in Mercure Perth Hotel’s restaurant, the Brasserie, one of the finest restaurants Perth has to offer!

It is safe to say that this hotel will only enrich your experience and provides all that you need for a luxurious stay!

New County Hotel

For more budget friendly accommodation, one would be silly not to stay at New Country Hotel.

If the breakfast buffet doesn’t get you hooked, the beautifully decorated rooms just might! After a long day of tourist activities, there is nothing quite like coming home to a warm and welcoming environment and being able to put your feet up on a comfortable bed!

Keep your eye out for their lunch specials, you will be raving all the way home about them!


So if you want to absorb some of the best highland culture, history and scenery that Scotland has to offer then Perth is the place for you! This dynamic city blends old world charm and fascinating history with a modern day city feel, creating a perfect destination for any Scottish traveller.

Experiencing the local countryside and greater Perthshire area will open even more doors of adventure and fun. From castles and palaces, to museums, golf, fishing and hiking, there is something for everyone to love in this area.

Perth is a city that will steal your heart the moment you arrive. It will be sure to have you dreaming about its stunning architecture, peaceful river, great food and vibrant culture for days to come.

So, if Perth is not already on your list when visiting Scotland, be sure to change that and enjoy everything that this city has to give you!

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